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Cody’s Story: How he found healing through OCD and anxiety treatment

07/13/21 09:10:am

Cody says that although he had a happy and carefree childhood, when he was in his 20s, he struggled with persistent, unwanted thoughts, and suicidal ideation.

He talked to his therapist who had recommended Rogers. After watching videos of former patients sharing their stories on Rogers’ website, Cody decided to seek the more intensive help he needed at Rogers’ Minneapolis clinic located in Eden Prairie.

“The amount of confidence, security, enthusiasm, and direction I gained from feeling more whole and just who I am as a person is just unbelievable,” says Cody.

“I remember him being very motivated,” says Anne O’Brien, a registered nurse. “Once he made the decision to take the leave from work and get treatment, he was all in. The team came around Cody every day to support him and help him make the changes he needed to make.”

You can learn more about Cody’s journey by watching the video above.

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