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Educational Therapist works to honor the Rogers’ legacy

10/12/17 02:36:pm

Brandon Orser, Rogers–Oconomowoc, submitted one of the winning pieces in the essay contest for Rogers’ 110th anniversary, answering the question of how we are keeping Dr. Rogers’ vision alive today.

I have only been working at Rogers Memorial Hospital for less than a year, but from the moment my training began the staff’s dedication to maintaining the values Rogers stand for, and the commitment to upholding the mission Rogers strives for was palpable. Employees are what makes a company great, and it is only through their passion, their dedication, and their commitments, that a company can be successful. Rogers highlights that idea in their mission, and it is clear that it is not an empty statement. At Rogers, I see each and every member of the team exhibiting behaviors of empowerment, respect, ethics, excellence and collaboration. By demonstrating these values consistently, we as a team, and a community, are able to achieve the mission for which our company stands. We exist to offer the highest quality behavior health services and we are dedicated to deliver quality care. Without a competent staff that is willing to go above and beyond, Rogers would not have the success and worldwide prestige that it has earned over the past 110 years.

It was refreshing coming into this new position feeling immediately supported, and part of something bigger than myself. I joined this company because I respected and appreciated the values that they stood for and the good they do for others. Those traits are not only consistent within this company, but prevalent. Although I am not part of what is typically a “hospital” position, (I am a teacher in one of the residential units) I feel valued in my position and leave daily with a sense of purpose and respect. The feeling of community I get when entering the building every morning is a testament to the single goals that we all strive for on a daily basis. It shows that each and every person not only knowns and understands the values Rogers maintains, but respects, and upholds them. It is only through collaboration, cooperation, and a common goal that teams can be successful. It is clear to me that Roger’s current and continued success is the result of the amazing staff that comes to work every day dedicated and striving to make the world a better place.

This is what I want others to know about Rogers Memorial Hospital, and this is how, I believe, we are keeping the vision alive today, 110 years later.

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