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April Updates from Talent Development

04/18/18 05:37:pm

Launch of Comprehensive DBT Training

As Rogers Behavioral Health has continued to grow and expand, the need for clinical training to support the array of evidence-based practices utilized within the system has grown as well. Throughout our programs, Rogers strives to provide cutting edge cognitive and behavioral treatment using an array of treatment modalities to include exposure therapy, exposure and ritual prevention, prolonged exposure, behavioral activation, dialectical behavior therapy, and more. Each of these methods of treatments require clinical expertise that is built through intensive training and experience.  The new DBT Essential’s will be required for all clinical staff within comprehensive DBT programs including psychology, social services, nursing, experiential therapy, and any other dedicated staff. Be watching your email for communications from Rogers University about registration and course information. We are hoping to have more information about this within the next 6-12 months.

Visit Rogers University on the Intranet for more details about the DBT training program or contact us at talentdevelopment@rogershospital.org or by calling 414-539-3060 (extension 3060).

Improvements to CBT Training

Given the growth of the organization and clinical programming, we are working to continue to improve and enhance training opportunities for clinical staff to increase staff confidence and competence as well as ensure the highest quality of treatment and fidelity to the treatment model. For roughly a decade, clinical training has occurred in the format of CBT Academy, an 80-hour course on cognitive behavioral therapies (CBT) developed and taught by national experts.

To keep up with the organization, there will be several changes over the next months and years to modify the format of CBT training to improve learning experiences, increase inclusion and engagement of regional sites, enhance learning through technology, and create a sustainable method of training as the organization continues to expand.  Additionally, we will sunset the title of “CBT Academy” or as it used to be known, “CBT University” in order to follow the Rogers University structure.  Notification about the next two offerings and registration processes will be sent from Rogers University in the coming days.  See more details about the CBT training program on the Rogers University Intranet page or contact us at talentdevelopment@rogershospital.org or by calling 414-539-3060 (extension 3060).

A Closer Look at Employee Orientation

Beginning in 2017, the Talent Development team worked closely with Subject Matter Experts and Leaders to understand the orientation needs for the organization and as a result, some important and exciting changes have taken place. Here are some highlights:

  • Revised, current, evidence-based, cited content
  • Orientation is no longer one-size-fits-all:  Orientation has been segmented into four parts, to fit the orientation needs of employees in differing roles. They are:
    • New Employee Orientation (NEO): This orientation is for all new Rogers’ employees, regardless of role. This segment of orientation lasts 2.5 days, Monday through noon on Wednesday of the first week of employment.
    • Patient Care Orientation (PCO): This segment begins after lunch on Wednesday of week one of orientation and concludes on Monday of week two.
    • Residential Care Orientation (RSO):  Employees working in Residential Programs continue their orientation to complete required Community-Based Residential Treatment Facility (CBRF) courses, including Standard Precautions, First Aid & Choking, Fire Safety and, for Residential Counselors, Medication Administration.
    • Nursing Services Orientation (NSO): Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses (RN/LPN) complete a comprehensive nursing orientation Tuesday through Friday of week two of orientation

In addition to the new content and learning paths for individual roles, a comprehensive Learner Guide was developed and can be found on the New Employee Orientation Page of the Talent Development tab on the Intranet. There you will also find the current orientation schedule for the remainder of Fiscal Year 2017 – 2018. Check back soon for the Fiscal Year 2018 – 2019 schedule. Read more about these changes on the New Employee Orientation page on the Talent Development intranet site or for additional questions, or contact us at talentdevelopment@rogershospital.org or by calling 414-539-3060 (extension 3060).

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