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Abigail uses Rogers nursing scholarship to provide higher levels of care

01/16/19 01:55:pm

abigail_sq.jpgSeveral members of Team Rogers are chosen each year as recipients of nursing education scholarships, which allows people to earn their nursing degrees or return for continued nursing education. One of these scholarships helped Abigail Kostrivas, RN in Silver Lake, earn her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and continue her education even further.

Abigail first came to Rogers nine years ago after graduating with an undergraduate degree in psychology. Wanting to get her feet wet in direct patient care, she decided to come to Rogers as a residential counselor in the Adolescent Center in Oconomowoc. 

Abigail enjoyed helping people get their life back and decided to return to school to pick up a degree in nursing because “I want to be able to provide care at the highest level that I can.”

Helping patients is something that Abigail has a lot of passion for, and she knows that you do that in more ways than just therapy or medications. Once when the Adolescent Center's air conditioning unit broke, she took a group down on a walk to the lake.

“We sat there until sunset, just joking around and having fun,” she says. “Later a patient told me that he felt like that evening was really important in his treatment, just being able to have fun and be a teenager. Sometimes patients have those golden moments when you least expect it.”

Regarding the scholarship, Abigail says, “It’s an amazing opportunity for employees to grow and expand their role. Rogers has been incredibly flexible and supportive of my education. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”

Abigail earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2015 and started her Master of Science in Nursing at Alverno College in 2017. 

Further information on the scholarship can be obtained by reviewing the Nursing Education Scholarship document found on the human resources policies and procedures page on Rogers Connect.

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