Rogers Behavioral Health

Get an inside look at Rogers in Nashville

Posted on 09/16/22 01:26:pm


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Rogers’ Nashville clinic offers two levels of intensive outpatient treatment for adults, adolescents, and children, allowing patients to receive treatment for part of the day and return to home, school, or work.

Multidisciplinary teams develop personalized plans to help patients achieve their recovery goals.

“We start with evidence-based practices and treatment,” says Sean LeNoue, MD, psychiatrist and associate medical director, outpatient services. “Specifically, we offer cognitive behavioral therapy.”

“We help patients confront their avoidance patterns, isolation, and repetitive thoughts,” says Patrick Michaels, PhD, clinical supervisor, psychologist. “They develop new skills that lead to a stronger quality of life.”                      

Click on the video above to see the clinic and hear more from the treatment team.

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