Early Detection of Mental Illness

Posted on 04/18/16 04:06:pm

In 2011, a group of mental health experts from around the country created a list of 11 signs that may indicate that your child has an unmet mental health need. The goal of this list is to make it easier for parents, teachers and others who work with children to know when they should take steps to seek professional programming for a child or adolescent.

The 11 action signs are:

  1. Feeling very sad or withdrawn for two or more weeks
  2. Seriously trying to harm or kill yourself, or making plans to do so
  3. Sudden overwhelming fear for no reason, sometimes with a racing heart or fast breathing
  4. Involved in multiple fights, using a weapon, or wanting badly to hurt others
  5. Severe, out-of-control behavior that can hurt yourself or others
  6. Not eating, throwing up or using laxatives to make yourself lose weight
  7. Intensive worries or fears that get in the way of daily activities
  8. Extreme difficulty in concentrating or staying still that puts you in physical danger or causes school failure
  9. Repeated use of drugs or alcohol
  10. Severe mood swings that cause problems in relationships
  11. Drastic changes in your behavior or personality

What do you do if you believe your child may need help? At Rogers, the treatment process begins with a free screening request.

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