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Stay informed on COVID-19 updates from Rogers

03/25/20 10:09:am

alert_insight.jpgFor the latest updates to Rogers’ plans and resources related to COVID-19, visit our coronavirus page on rogersbh.org or the COVID-19 Resource Center on Rogers Connect. There you will find answer to your frequently asked questions related to PTO, when to come to work or stay home, general info, patient care, and more. Please also keep an eye out for email updates with the latest news and updated guidelines or policies.

The Rogers COVID-19 Resource Center also houses information on child care benefits, COVID-19 specific documents, guidelines, and a list of ways to practice self-care while social distancing.

Thank you to everyone for your hard work and dedication during this time. Your efforts are ensuring that we can still meet the critical mental health needs of our patients, some of whom need our care now more than ever.

Rogers is also highlighting some of our Healthcare Heroes by collecting stories from colleagues and managers about those who are going above and beyond during these uncertain times. Learn more and submit your own recognition on our Healthcare Heroes page.

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