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Tim Mathewson keeps Rogers’ Mission top of mind as he ensures leaders have the financial tools they need

11/15/23 02:00:pm

Capture1.JPGTim Mathewson, vice president of financial planning and analysis, enjoys working with data and solving complex technical problems. He says his focus is ensuring operating leaders have the information they need to manage their budgets.

Tim’s team — which includes Dana Timber, director of Finance, and George Lamptey, senior financial analyst — creates, publishes, and maintains Power BI dashboards for directors of operations within the Manager Tool Kit.

“It gives them sufficient visibility into the finances of each of their areas,” says Tim “The dashboards provide financial statements which, among other things, display variances for the month. They also provide detailed transaction data for the various expenses that run through their areas each period. In addition to the financial cube, my team publishes the labor productivity report that goes out every pay period and provides insight into labor costs/hours.”

During budget season, Tim’s team is also very involved in working with leaders to develop their operating budgets, which include capital requests. Tim’s team also conducts impromptu financial analysis and reporting and supplies data for the annual Wisconsin Hospital Association survey.

Tim has been working in the healthcare field since 2004 when he began consulting at The Advisory Board Company in Washington, D.C. He was with Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare for almost nine years prior to joining Rogers in January 2018 as director of finance and was promoted to his current position in March 2022.

Rogers’ Mission was, and still is, appealing to Tim.

“I feel a deep connection to our Mission,” he says. “I help people who are taking care of patients. If you have a broken arm, you go to the doctor and get it fixed. For many of the people we help, it’s not a quick fix. The things that make life difficult for our patients take time to overcome, so it feels like a different kind of impact. There’s something deeper about helping people work through and overcome their mental health challenges.”

Tim enjoys working with his team and the directors of operations. He wants those who work directly with patients to know how much they’re valued.

“My team appreciates the people who provide direct patient care on an enormous level,” he says. “We want them to know we do everything in our power, to the best of our ability, and in the areas that we influence, to make their lives and jobs easier.”

Getting to know Tim

Tim's family_tn.jpgTim has been married to his wife, Lisa, since 2006. They have three children: 15-year-old, Luke; 13-year-old, Noah; and 7-year-old, Sophia.

Tim played soccer through his first year of college and has coached all his kids in soccer and basketball. The Mathewson family is a big sports family.

In his spare time, Tim likes to stay active by working out and running.

He’s looking forward to next spring break to see what Lisa will plan. Their favorite spot is Seaside, Florida.

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