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Teen Tune Up coming to five Rogers sites

05/16/23 04:00:pm

Five Rogers outpatient clinics are preparing to offer Teen Tune Up, a new IOP for teens ages 13 and up. The four-week program will educate patients about their depression and anxiety and help them refine the tools they need to address and reduce the severity of their symptoms.

Sites offering Teen Tune Up include:

  • Hinsdale
  • Nashville
  • Skokie
  • Tampa
  • West Allis

Start dates will vary by site. Nashville and Tampa’s Teen Tune Up will start June 5 and July 10. Hinsdale and Skokie will begin 10. West Allis’ Teen Tune Up will begin June 19 and July 17.

Unlike other programs at Rogers, all patients will begin at the same time and go through the program together. Treatment includes both individual and group therapy using behavioral activation, CBT, and DBT-informed skills. Group sessions will cover important topics for teens including psychoeducation, social media safety, and mindfulness.

To learn more about this program, click here.

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