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Tabitha Lennon brings her love of helping people to her role as director of operations in Miami

08/13/21 11:40:am

desk pic.jpgAlthough she had lived in the Midwest most of her life along with her entire family, Tabitha Lennon says she’s always been a Florida gal at heart.

“I never liked the cold and snow,” she says. “I prefer the palm trees and sunshine.”

Tabitha is soaking up the rays now at the Miami clinic, where she became director of operations in March. In her role, she ensures that the clinic’s quality of care matches Rogers’ standards and that the clinic is complying with regulatory guidelines.

She also helps navigate patient concerns or barriers to treatment and is preparing for several intensive outpatient programs to open over the next few months.

“I enjoy seeing firsthand how our treatment impacts not only patients and their families, but also the staff who feel proud to be part of a patient’s recovery and the work they’ve done,” she says.

Tabitha’s interest in the mental health field started in college at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

“I was studying psychology and became intrigued by behavioral health,” she says. “When I was graduating, I saw a position open at Rogers, so I applied.”

Tabitha started her career with Rogers in 2012 as a residential counselor (now residential care specialist) at what was called the Eating Disorder Center. She left Rogers for a short time to pursue a job in sales in Illinois but found herself missing the behavioral health field.

She returned to Rogers, working as an intake specialist in Kenosha. She then worked in Tampa for five years as an admissions lead and later regional admissions supervisor.

From there, Tabitha spent a year working remotely in her native Illinois during the pandemic as a Rogers Operating System (ROS) deployment leader. In that role, she led the partial hospitalization/intensive outpatient value stream.

When the director of operations position at the Miami clinic opened, Tabitha was eager to apply. Besides the attraction of the Florida weather, she was also excited to take on her goal of one day becoming a director of a regional clinic.

“What I love about Rogers is everyone is so passionate about what they do,” she says. “We can all say with confidence to patients and their families that our treatment works because we have the data to prove it.”

Tabitha says one of the best things about her job is giving back.

“I’ve always had very supportive leaders who empowered and encouraged me to try new things and step out of my comfort zone, so I like to do that for the people I’m working with,” she says.

Get to know Tabitha

BANDIT.jpgOne of Tabitha’s biggest personal achievements was completing two Iron Girl Triathlons in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, in 2014 and 2015. The competitions consisted of swimming, biking, and running. She continues to cycle and do CrossFit, and plans to do another triathlon or half-marathon in the future.

“It’ll be something new to accomplish,” she says.

Tabitha is also an animal lover. She owns an 8-year-old Chihuahua named Bandit and is kept company at work by two birds who often sit outside her office window. With the help of her niece and nephew, she named them “Kevin” the crow and “Pigeon Pete.”

She visits with family every couple months and is looking forward to her whole family gathering in Florida in December for her cousin’s 20th wedding anniversary.

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