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System results for FY21 Q3

05/21/21 11:55:am

To ensure we are accountable to our organizational priorities for clinical effectiveness, patient experience, healthy culture, community outreach, and financial sustainability, Rogers Behavioral Health tracks key metrics and shares results on a quarterly basis.

Quarterly Update - CGI.jpgClinical Effectiveness

Rogers is dedicated to enhancing our evidence-based system of care and publishing outcomes that demonstrate that our treatments are highly effective.

Measure of success:

  • CGI score: Clinician-rated assessment of patient severity upon admission and assessment of improvement at time of discharge. Goal: At least 90% of patients across the Rogers system are minimally, much, or very much improved at the time of discharge.

FY21 fiscal year to date, Rogers has collected CGI ratings for 16,425 patients.

87% of our patients who were assessed fiscal year to date were minimally, much, or very much improved by the end of their treatment, as rated by the attending psychologist or psychiatrist.

Patient Experience

Rogers is committed to ensuring that our patients and their families are treated with the highest degree of compassion, guidance, and professionalism throughout their treatment experience.

Measures of success:

  • Press Ganey patient satisfaction results. Goal: A weighted average of 86% or more of surveys with a good or very good likelihood of recommending Rogers.
  • Patient days of service, which reflects our patients’ access to high-quality care. Goal: 395,499

Quarterly Update - Patient Experience.jpgPatient Experience FY21 Q3 results

Inpatient: 1,996 surveys; 80% (good or very good) likelihood of recommending Rogers

Outpatient: 472 surveys; 88% (good or very good) likelihood of recommending Rogers

Combined: 2,468 surveys; 81% weighted average likelihood of recommending Rogers

FY21 fiscal year to date results

Inpatient: 5,760 surveys; 82% (good or very good) likelihood of recommending Rogers

Outpatient: 3,332 surveys; 91% (good or very good) likelihood of recommending Rogers

Combined: 9,092 surveys; 85% weighted average likelihood of recommending Rogers

Patient Days of Service

Patient days of service through Q3 of FY21 = 329,530

Target through Q3 of FY21 = 290,250 patient days

Same period FY20 = 277,734 days (up nearly 19% this year)

Quarterly Update - Patient Days of Service.jpg

Healthy Culture

Rogers is committed to building a healthy culture that motivates our employees to perform at a high level and in turn provide the best environment for our patients to recover.

Measure of success:

  • Employee Engagement Survey results. Goal: 73% positive response on 7-question index (average of seven survey questions on satisfaction, pride, and commitment to the job and organization).

Rogers’ overall employee engagement moved from 73% in 2019 to 74% in the 2020 survey. This improvement is significant and continues to represent an engaged workforce, according to Mercer, the organization that facilitates the survey and benchmarks Rogers with employers across the country.

In addition, participation was up 3% from the 2019 survey with a total of 82% (2,137) of all Rogers employees participating to share feedback. This strong participation rate gives us a more comprehensive picture of how we are doing as an organization.

Community Outreach

Rogers is committed to developing relationships throughout the communities we serve to help build awareness and access to high quality behavioral health services.

Measure of success:

  • Referring provider likelihood to recommend. Goal: At least 75% of survey respondents say they will continue to refer and/or recommend Rogers.

More than 900 referring providers from 29 states recently took the opportunity to complete an annual survey evaluating their satisfaction with Rogers. Overall, 94% of respondents said they are very likely (57.43%) or likely (36.42%) to refer or recommend Rogers for specialty behavioral health treatment.

Quarterly Update - Revenue Less Expenses.jpgFinancial Sustainability

Rogers is committed to responsible growth and sound fiscal management to ensure that we have the needed resources to serve our patients.

Measures of success:

  • EBIDA (Revenue minus expenses) FY21 Goal: $49.2 million

EBIDA through Q3 of FY21 = $57.8 million

Target through Q3 of FY21 = $33.5 million

Same period FY20 = $41.9 million

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