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System performance off to a strong start after first quarter

11/15/17 04:50:pm
“I am pleased to report that at the end of the first quarter of the new budget year, we exceeded our financial forecast. It is great to get off to such a positive start in the new fiscal year; it’s a testament to the teamwork throughout the Rogers system,” comments Pat Hammer, President and CEO. “Thank you for your dedication to providing great clinical care that is financially sustainable,” he adds.

The Rogers system tracks five key metrics to ensure we are accountable to our organizational goals.

Clinical Effectiveness


The CGI score is used as the key metric for Clinical Effectiveness. CGI is the clinician-rated assessment of patient severity upon admission and assessment of improvement made at the time of discharge.

  • Since Rogers Behavioral Health started using the Clinical Global Impressions Scale (CGI) in February, we have collected ratings for 2,878 patients.
  • 70% of our patients were “much improved” (56%) or “very much improved” (14%) by the end of their treatment, as rated by the attending psychologist or psychiatrist.

Patient Days of Service

graph2.jpgPatient days of service = 63,835 days   Target = 62,418 days

  • For the first quarter of fiscal year 2018, the number of patient days exceeded the same period last year by 9,279 patient days, or 17%. The year-over-year increase is largely driven by growth in partial hospitalization and residential services.



Financial performance

graph1.jpg(8/1/17 through 10/31/17)

Revenue minus expenses fiscal year-to-date, 2018 = $6 million

Target = $3.8 million

Compared to fiscal year 2017 Q1 = $6.7 million

Net revenue beat budget by $728 thousand for the quarter and expenses were favorable by 4%, or $1.5 million. As a result, financial performance is exceeding plan by $2.2 million.

Patient Satisfaction: Press Ganey surveys in FY18 Q1 

  • Inpatient and Residential: 1,137 surveys 
    • 85.3% gave a good or very good likelihood of recommending Rogers (85.6% database mean; 45nd percentile)
  • Outpatient: 676 surveys
    • 92.2% gave a good or very good likelihood of recommending Rogers (92.1% database mean; 47th percentile)

Employee engagement

Measured by results on the employee satisfaction survey (average of seven survey questions on satisfaction, pride, and commitment to the job and organization). Rogers’ target is to improve the employee engagement composite score by at least 3% to 78 on our 2017 survey. Last year’s score was 75.7.

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