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Skokie event provides support, resources for parents of children with ASD

09/17/19 04:24:pm

Rogers’ Skokie clinic recently hosted an event for parents and caretakers of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Meg Reuland, PhD, and Julia McAndrews, ALMFT, lead a roundtable discussion and covered a range of topics including compassion resilience, how to help children with ASD succeed, and understanding the different ways children with ASD think and communicate.

“Our talk was inspired by the journey parents in our anxiety and depression program for children with ASD go through while in treatment,” Julia explains. “When I meet parents for the first time, they are often looking to connect with their child, understand their child’s unique way of thinking, and learn how to give love and receive love from them.”

Events like the Skokie roundtable provide a welcoming, understanding environment for community members looking for support while they raise children struggling with their mental health.

Many Rogers clinics host roundtable discussions, presentations, and film screenings for their community to raise awareness and bring expert advice to those who need it most. In addition to providing valuable tools and information, local outreach events also have a positive effect on the clinicians. “Being in the community helps me be a better clinician,” Julia says. “I can use what I learn from patients and families to educate the community so that people with ASD have a voice.”

“We were humbled by the openness and willingness to learn from the families that attended this event,” she continues. “We hope this allowed them to feel empowered to not only support their child at home, but also know that there are resources to help parents carry the responsibility of helping their child reach their full potential.”

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