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Signa Meyers has passion for creating a better world

12/19/17 02:52:pm

meyersq.jpgDespite being relatively new to Rogers, Signa Meyers is already making an impact at Rogers–Appleton.

Signa, who has served as the director of operations at Appleton since July, started an initiative known as the trauma-informed care group. The group consists of interested employees and herself, who get together and talk about how Rogers–Appleton can be a better trauma-informed location for patients.

Improvement comes from being introspective. Signa says, “Our goal is to look at our environment here at the clinic to make sure it is inviting, look at our language to make sure it is supportive, and look at the general patient experience to make sure we can be the most effective at helping patients get well while honoring their background. We are just starting our group, so I’m excited to see the changes we can make looking through the lens of TIC.”

Since Rogers–Appleton first started holding these meetings, they’ve changed wording on signs including making them more gender neutral and will hold mini-educational sessions to spread awareness of certain issues to staff, which Signa says will lead positive outcomes for patients.

“I want the Appleton clinic to be welcoming and therapeutic so patients can dig in and do the work to get better without distractions,” she says.

Prior to coming to Rogers, Signa worked as a director at Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan and oversaw outpatient mental health and AODA clinics, youth and runaway programs, various childcare services, and much more. Signa says that she has been passionate about helping people since she can remember having goals about her own future, and says that having a well community and society benefits us all.

“The more we can live together, communicate together, and work together in a healthy way, the better our outcomes as a society,” she says. “Call me an optimist, but I believe we can make a better world together.”

Getting to Know Signa


Signa enjoys spending most of her time with her family—three daughters, 15, 10, and 1, and a son who’s 12. Signa says that she also likes using her free time to enjoy the outdoors, “I enjoy camping, kayaking, hiking, biking, sledding, ice skating and exploring!”

Signa is a bit of a foodie as well: “I also enjoy cooking and trying out new restaurants,” she says. “I have my own garden so I can and freeze a lot.”

One thing that you may be surprised to learn is that Signa has been an adjunct professor at Lakeland College for the last 10 years, as part of their Masters of Counseling program—work that she finds very enjoyable.

“I love working with students and to see their growth as they progress in their field,” Signa says.

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