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SAP Concur Travel and Expense streamlines mileage reimbursement process

04/16/21 04:47:pm


As part of a system-wide effort to improve Rogers Behavioral Health’s efficiency and provide a better overall user experience, the employee reimbursement and travel expense paper-based process will move to a fully automated platform on May 3 called SAP Concur Travel and Expense.

“Concur will allow employees to submit reimbursement the moment cost is incurred by using the mobile app on desktop devices and taking a picture of the receipt,” says controller Emily Russart. “Employees will be able to track the status of their reimbursement from approval to payment. We want to create a better user experience for our employees that will be less time consuming.”  

By reducing the time it takes to make travel arrangements, complete mileage expense forms, and receive approval, Concur will help Rogers achieve travel and expense policy compliance, gain better clarity on travel and expense spending, and eliminate the need to collect and store paper receipts.

An announcement will be made to employees when Concur goes live in May. Until then, employees should continue to submit their expense reports as normal. Contact Emily at Emily.Russart@rogersbh.org with any questions.

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