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Rogers teammates cite strengths and opportunities for improvement in employee engagement survey

11/15/23 05:00:pm

In the coming weeks, Rogers leaders will be working with their departments to create plans for addressing the strengths of the organization in addition to areas for improvements based on results from the employee engagement survey.

Survey participation was strong at 80% with 2,274 Rogers teammates responding. Overall employee engagement was 67%, compared to 72% last year. According to our partners at Mercer, which administers the confidential survey, this kind of decline is being experienced in other healthcare settings as well.

Strengths employees called out are mostly about the relationships established with each other and passion for our Mission:

  • Strong teamwork and collaboration are encouraged. There is a high level of support from co-workers who are caring and compassionate.
  • There is overall satisfaction with the work that you do, co-workers and manager, and most say you have a friend at work.
  • You are willing to go the extra mile and are proud to work for Rogers.
  • Rogers is committed to safety.
  • Rogers actively supports Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and Rogers managers value diverse ideas.

Opportunities for improvement that need more attention:

  • Career growth and development and a long-term future with Rogers
  • Competitive pay
  • Understanding of employee challenges and workload due to staffing concerns

“Employee engagement is one of our top priorities and critical to everything else we do,” says Cindy Meyer, president and CEO. “As your system leadership, we are committed to doing our part to actively address concerns that require a system response. Our promise to you is that we will do everything we can to make improvements as we continue to strive to achieve a healthy culture with a highly engaged team. Please know how much we value each of you and your opinions.”

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