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Rogers shows improving results on Success Share metrics after first quarter

05/01/24 01:00:pm

As part of our commitment to our patients, families, and Rogers team, we monitor key metrics as part of the Success Share program to ensure we are focused on delivering high-quality and compassionate care in a financially sustainable way.

“These five metrics are important to our organization, and I am excited to see progress in our first quarter results. We will continue to grow and develop new strategies this year for our organizational performance and the quality of the care we provide,” shared Cindy Meyer, president and CEO.

Here’s how we are performing on Success Share metrics after Q1, which ended March 31:


Suicide Prevention Composite Score (compilation of the Suicide Risk Assessment (SRA) and safety plan compliance on admission and discharge)
Safety Plan Compliance graph.pngTarget: 97%
Progress through March: 87.6%

“With our strong commitment to safety, improvements in our composite suicide risk assessment and safety planning are of the highest priority. While teams have been doing well overall at the time of admission, our main area to improve is at the time of discharge,” says Brad Smith, MD, chief medical officer.

Specifically, Dr. Smith shares that we are focusing on getting timely signatures in all portions of the safety-related documentation on the day of discharge. We will also update Cerner to account for clinical situations in which safety was clearly assessed and planning was implemented through alternative means, such as a step up in level of care.

Incidents graph.pngComplaints and grievances classified as Dignity and Respect concerns (Substantiated Complaints and Grievances relative to patient census)Target: 0.18
Progress through March: 0.13
Total Q1 incidents: 14 (2 in January, 4 in February, 8 in March)



90-day post-hire employee retention
Target: 87% | Baseline: 85%
90-day results: 86.52%


Press Ganey survey results for question on “courtesy of admission staff” (admissions process)
Target: 85.2
Progress through March: 88.2

Admissions courtesy.png










EBIDA (revenue minus expenses)
Target: $26.5 M* | Budget through March: $1.9 M
Progress through March: $4.2 M | $2.3 M ahead of budget for the period | 2024 projection: $28.9 M
Same period last year: $9.9 M | Currently $5.7 M lower

*Rogers must achieve at least 80% of EBIDA target to earn payments on the other four metrics.

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