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Rogers sees increased participation in employee survey

04/27/20 01:50:pm

employeesurvey.jpgRogers distributes an employee engagement survey each year as part of our strategic priorities for having a healthy culture that motivates our team to perform at a high level, in order to provide the best environment for our patients to recover.

Results are measured by seven questions on satisfaction, pride, and commitment to the job and organization. For FY20 Rogers achieved a 73% positive response. This year also saw an increased percentage of Rogers employees completing the survey, jumping from 75% to 79%.

Our top scores include: culture of safety, employee engagement, empowerment, and performance management. And some areas for improvement noted by the survey are personal and career growth and management leadership.

To help address this, countermeasures are being implemented. This includes developing a leadership training program and building and implementing career rotation programs and a new learning management system.

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