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Rogers Research Center publishes 2022 annual report

05/16/23 01:30:pm

Rogers Research Center’s annual report details key accomplishments in treatment delivery, genetics and the biobank, neuroscience, and data science.

“Building on Rogers’ foundation of clinical excellence, we continued to advance our vision toward improved patient care and clinical outcomes through research,” says Kelly Piacsek, PhD, vice president of research. “New collaborations with our treatment teams, community leaders, and academic and industry partners opened doors to initiate high-impact studies across multiple service lines and strategic research areas.”

Some key accomplishments the annual report outlines include:

  • Publishing 36 manuscripts by Rogers authors
  • Presenting findings from multiple effectiveness of telehealth treatment studies at the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy (ABCT) annual convention. This marks the first time Rogers was solely featured in a symposium at an ABCT conference.
  • Opening the biobank and beginning two external genetics research collaborations and launching two internal studies in the areas of pharmacogenomics and rare genetic diseases
  • Investigating effective enhancements to Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Exposure and Response Prevention therapies for patients with treatment-resistant OCD
  • Using machine learning to examine OCD ritual clusters

“The programs highlighted in this report would not be possible without our generous donors,” Dr. Piacsek says. “Our dedicated researchers and research support staff continue to advance our work with intellectual curiosity and a deep commitment to improving mental health diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes for all.”

Visit rogersbh.org/research to read the full annual report, as well as to learn more about research initiatives and strengths, the Research Center team, and recent publications.

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