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Rogers Research Center biobank featured in new video

01/18/23 12:00:pm

In a new informational video, Rogers Research Center leaders share how the donor-funded biobank is enabling our scientists to better understand the connection between genetics and behavioral health conditions and their treatment.

“There are a lot of academic research centers that are looking at the genetic basis of mental health,” said Kelly Piacsek, PhD, vice president, Research. “You need the DNA, but you also need the clinical experience and the diagnostic information which Rogers brings to the table.”

“The biobank is leveraging clinical experience and quantitative insights to advance the next generation of patient-centered care,” added Sheldon Garrison, PhD, a research scientist who leads the Research Center’s genetics and neuroscience program.

Watch the video above to hear more about the groundbreaking work the Research Center is doing to improve patient care and make advances in the behavioral health field.

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