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Rogers receives high marks from referring providers along with suggestions for improvement

04/16/21 04:50:pm

More than 900 referring providers from 29 states recently took the opportunity to complete an annual survey evaluating their satisfaction with Rogers Behavioral Health. They answered questions ranging from their likelihood to refer or recommend Rogers, to their satisfaction with communication from Rogers during referral and admissions, treatment, and discharge planning.

Overall, 94% of respondents said they are very likely or likely to refer or recommend Rogers for specialty behavioral health treatment.

“Clinicians continue to count on Rogers’ experts and our long history of providing evidence-based treatment, especially during this time of an unprecedented mental health crisis,” explains Anne Ballentine, vice president, Marketing and Communications.

Feedback points to areas for improvement

Rogers also received important feedback from referring providers on communication during the referral process and during treatment as well as throughout discharge planning.

Survey results and comments were shared as part of a rapid improvement event (RIE) on discharge planning, and Rogers continues to explore other avenues of addressing all feedback to ensure patients receive the highest quality of care. ReferralSurveyGraph.jpg

“It’s critical to hear from our referents about their experiences with Rogers, and we are sharing the data with other departments so Rogers can hear the voice of these very important stakeholders,” says Michelle Kalz, director of business development.

“Providers want to feel heard, so our team followed up with phone calls to better understand their concerns,” Michelle adds. “Making these contacts helps to reinforce relationships, and it’s important they know we have read their results and take their evaluations of Rogers seriously. In some instances, we were able to do service recovery, which is crucial.”

Valuable feedback: both positive and constructive

“Thank you for all of your collaborative efforts in serving our patients’ needs.” 

“Ensure that patient inquiries are answered in a timely manner…and ensure that I remain aware of progress and discharge planning for a smoother transition.”

“I am a social worker and hear often that providers I support do not receive helpful clinical updates/discharge information on patients referred; this makes continuity of care challenging.”

“Thank you - ALL of you - for your hard work and everything you do for behavioral health in our state. You and your services are OUTSTANDING!!”

“Great service. I recently got connected and I look forward to working with referrals in the future.”

“Communication with the school is inconsistent. There are situations that a release has been signed and I am getting nothing about progress, nor am I getting discharge information. Then there are times that I’ve received a discharge plan, and when it is thoughtfully completed, I can better assist transitioning students.”

“Rogers is the BEST!”

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