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Rogers InHealth serves as a key partner in statewide behavioral health initiatives

09/12/17 07:26:pm

wise.jpgRogers InHealth/WISE* is involved with two of the 10 Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Project (HWPP) projects through the Medical College of Wisconsin. Phase two of the $20 million behavioral health initiative is now underway with funding going to 10 community coalitions statewide for the next seven years.

First, Rogers InHealth/WISE is a key partner for the Milwaukee School, Home, and Community Coalition (MSHCC) project to improve the behavioral health of Milwaukee children ages zero to eight.

The primary focus of this $1 million project is:

  • To connect and support families’ access to behavioral health resources
  • Improve the capacity of parents and the workforce to address the socio-emotional and mental health needs of children.

InHealth directors Sue McKenzie and Suzette Urbashich were part of the team that developed the initial MSHCC grant proposal and now serve on the core leadership team –consulting and providing resources around stigma reduction, compassion resilience, and strategic disclosure.

Second, InHealth/WISE serves as a consultant to the Southwest Wisconsin Community Action Program Coalition. The $1 million project is aimed at reducing the number of poor mental health days for adults in a five county area of southwestern Wisconsin by increasing accessibility, availability, and acceptability of mental health services and supports. Sue and Suzette work with the leadership team to provide consultation, training and resources for stigma reduction, compassion resilience, and strategic disclosure for this project serving 113,300 residents in the five counties.

*WISE, Wisconsin Initiative for Stigma Elimination, is the statewide coalition led by InHealth and other partners to support inclusion and recovery through the use of best practices for effective stigma reduction. InHealth/WISE consultation and resources are also available to the other eight HWPP projects as well.

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