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Rogers Improvement System addresses revenue cycle, nurse recruitment and approach to leadership

12/19/17 02:39:pm

Progress continues to be made as more teams throughout the Rogers organization review and revise current practices in the hopes of establishing new protocols, resulting in better patient care. Here are a few highlights from several recent rapid improvement events.

Revenue Cycle led by Arnie Stueber

  • This value stream is addressing wide variation in documentation and coding practice that results in increased denials, higher number of MD/MD reviews, decreased net revenue, patient satisfaction concerns over medical necessity, and opens us up for additional risk with billing for codes that are inconsistent with medical documentation.
  • Metrics will include denied days; percentage of documenting billable services within three days; percentage financially cleared prior to admission; physician charges consistent with best practices; and delinquency.

Next steps:

  • Non-medical staff documentation requirements to be published before year end
  • Medical staff documentation requirements in partnership with consultant
  • CDI – Clinical Documentation Improvement (RIE) to ensure accurate representation of a patient's clinical status that translates into coded data.

RN Recruitment led by Brian Kramer and Angie Crawford

Currently filling a vacant position takes too long, contributing to Rogers turning away 789 patients last fiscal year. Four teams are addressing:

  • Recruitment Strategy: reviewing our process and approach to how we recruit 
  • Recruiting Process: reduce time from 130 days to fill to 53 days with improved applicant satisfaction
  • Job Specific Orientation: establish orientation & preceptor process and decrease time to orient new nurses
  • Dashboard: creating dashboard to be able to see full recruitment process and status

Managing for Daily Improvement (MDI) led by Jim Kubicek

MDI.jpgBrown Deer has started Managing for Daily Improvement, a new leadership approach with a framework for leaders to simply and easily manage their businesses, develop people, solve problems, and improve performance. MDI includes: 

  • Engaging all associates in team based problems solving to address issues before becoming problems. Frontline staff, area managers, and upper management all know today's goals, yesterday’s performance, and how to work through problems
  • Monitoring key metrics (staff retention, CGI clinical effectiveness scores, % stepdown to PHP and IOP, cost per patient day, and occupancy rate)
  • Creating implementing Leader Standard Work; meeting free zones; engaging staff in a proactive tiered huddle system to eliminate problems being pushed up and solutions being top down; and modeling coaching.

If you are interested in getting involved in the Rogers Improvement System work, talk with your leader, a deployment leader, Kent Franklin, director, at kent.franklin@rogersbh.org.

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