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Rogers Foundation accepts PTO donations

11/25/20 10:31:am

DonatePTO.jpgRogers team members who are approaching the maximum 184-hour PTO rollover amount can donate their hours to the Foundation and provide a helping hand to patients in our care. Donations will be accepted now through December 4, 2020.

During the pandemic, the Foundation is receiving an increased number of requests for aid. Due to this, Rogers is allowing its team members to have their PTO hours converted into cash and donated to the Foundation. Those donating can specify that their gift be used for patient care grants, spiritual care, the angel fund, or wherever it is most needed.

The after-tax amount is your tax-deductible contribution, and in January you will receive a letter from the Foundation stating your contribution for your 2020 tax records.


  • A minimum balance of 80 hours of PTO is required in your PTO bank prior to donation.
  • A minimum balance of 40 hours of PTO is required in your PTO bank after donation.
  • The minimum PTO donation is 4 hours. The maximum PTO donation is 40 hours.
  • You may not donate a specified number of hours per pay period.
  • Employees will not accrue PTO on their PTO donation.

To see the number of PTO hours you have accrued on Kronos:

  1. Login to Kronos and go to “My Timecard”.
  2. Click on the double-line and triangle at the bottom of the page to
    show more content.
  3. Click on the “Accruals” tab to see your PTO ending balance.

For any questions, contact Laura Miller (262-424-8959).

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