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Rogers Connect Care launches

03/25/20 10:15:am

telehealth.jpgTo ensure our patients can continue to receive highly specialized, evidence-based treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic, Rogers is proud to introduce Rogers Connect Care, a telehealth treatment option for patients who would benefit from specialized partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient levels of care.

Now serving more than 600 patients across the U.S., Rogers Connect Care provides a secure virtual environment that ensures privacy while allowing patients to continue therapeutic group-based and individual treatment.

Within the first few days of providing Connect Care, many patients and families are sharing their gratitude and progress within the virtual space.

In fact, the Minneapolis team received feedback from parents on how impressed they are with Rogers’ rollout telehealth and the attention to ensuring patient privacy in the software and methods being using.

Patients are reporting that Connect Care is helping them make strong connections to what they have learned in the clinic with more of a ‘real life’ setting that telehealth provides at home.

Another patient shared that being virtual is opening new opportunities to address OCD and anxiety symptoms by changing routines and ‘prep time’ experienced face-to-face in a clinic.

For more and ongoing information about Rogers Connect Care, visit rogersbh.org/connectcare.

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