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Rogers celebrates Diversity Month, announces Allyship and Belonging Community

04/20/22 06:00:pm

April is Diversity Month, a time to celebrate our unique backgrounds, cultures, and traditions. In recognition of the event, Rogers is focusing on the why, what, and how of our equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) work.

Since its founding in 2021, Rogers’ dedicated EDI team has helped us to commit to honoring diversity, increasing inclusion, and moving toward equity for both patients and team members.

“In this month-long initiative, we want to affirm diversity and facilitate inclusion in our journey to improve equity in our organizational outcomes,” says Karen Nelson, director of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. “It’s a three-prong approach that involves the head, heart, and hand, that is: cognitive, affective, and behavioral change across the System. This month is hopefully just a jumping off point to make equity, diversity, and inclusion integral to everything we all do at Rogers, this month and beyond.”

As part of Rogers’ recognition of Diversity Month, the EDI team recently introduced their new Why, What, and How statements. Below is an overview; please visit the EDI site to read the complete statements.

Our Why

All people deserve environments where they are respected, treated with dignity, and can be their authentic selves. At Rogers, equity supports our Mission by improving patient care and widening our community impact.

Our What

Rogers commits to continually grow and humbly hold ourselves accountable to being an equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment for employees while offering culturally responsive and affirming care for our patients and their families.

Our How

Equity is a journey of deep and complex work. At Rogers, it starts with our Employee Culture Agreements, our guide to making space for other viewpoints and cultures, that draws people in rather than calling them out, while approaching everyone with compassion and respect.

Participate in the Allyship and Belonging Community

Earlier this month, Rogers launched the Allyship and Belonging Community for leaders and other Rogers employees to focus on growing Rogers’ culture of allyship. Being an ally means showing up for others – a community you don’t belong to or identify with – through actions, awareness, and empathy.

The community can be accessed by going to the Learning and Performance Portal, hovering over the home tab, and clicking on “All Communities.”

The community is hosting a six-part Allyship Series of videos issued monthly, the first of which launched April 20. Nine discussion sessions for allies will be scheduled each month to meet the needs of all time zones and shifts, which can be accessed through the Community in the Portal.

“The allyship work is very exciting for me,” says Sue McKenzie Dicks, vice president, healthy culture. “I see this as the unifying umbrella that all of us can meet under. Each of us can learn the skills of allyship so we are ready to be the ‘upstanding bystander’ for someone at work and in our lives outside of work. We all can be an ally and we can benefit from allyship around our own identities.”

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