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Rogers’ app research on depression and OCD nearing final stages of testing

04/18/18 05:41:pm

apps.jpgRogers was recently interviewed by the Milwaukee Business Journal about its OCD and depression app research, which is nearing the end of its data collection stage.

The Business Journal spoke with Brad Riemann, PhD, chief clinical officer, who co-developed the app with a former classmate from graduate school. So far, the data is looking very good, according to Dr. Riemann, who also hopes that Rogers can soon offer it throughout the system. “It’s time to get it into the patients’ hands,” Dr. Riemann told the Business Journal.

Assuming that everything goes well, Dr. Riemann says that the next step is to roll the app out to patients in Rogers programs for depression and OCD. The testing phase for the OCD group is projected to end around June, with the depression group following in October.

Dr. Riemann believes these apps will have an important place in treatment for behavioral health issues going forward, both as a way to augment our current methods and to reach those who are currently going untreated.

“Rogers is conducting cutting edge research into the application of technology to behavioral health issues,” he says. “These apps will increase access to care and enhance our already effective programs.”

The interview with the Milwaukee Business Journal can be read in full (subscription required) here

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