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Referent satisfaction survey provides insight into strengths, opportunities for improvement

04/27/20 01:52:pm

Earlier this year, referring providers were invited to fill out an annual survey evaluating their satisfaction with Rogers. The 16-question survey was completed by more than 200 individuals from 19 different states and Canada, and covered a variety of topics including their likelihood of referring or recommending Rogers, satisfaction with communication from Rogers, and feedback on the admissions process.

“Conducting a survey of those who refer to Rogers is a vital touchpoint to ensure that we are consistently providing extraordinary service,” says Michelle Kalz, director of business development for the Midwest and Eastern regions.

In addition to helping keep in touch with the experiences referring providers are having, the survey makes it possible to identify opportunities for improvement.

“It’s important that we obtain our referents’ feedback on their experience with Rogers and understand their perspective on what we’re doing well, and what areas need improvement,” says Kristine Bazalar, director of business development for the Western region. “We can then utilize the data to make positive enhancements and perfect the quality care that Rogers is known for providing.”.

Positive feedback

The results of the survey were overwhelmingly positive, with 89.2% of the respondents stating that they were very likely or likely to refer or recommend Rogers for specialty behavioral health treatment, far exceeding the system goal of 75%. Those completing the survey left many appreciative comments, including:

“The intake phone call was very professional and warm.”

“I have appreciated how available reps from Rogers are to walk families through the admissions process. It was great in the beginning and has remained great.”

“Communication has improved in the past year!”

In addition to positive comments, nearly 70% of referents indicated that a primary reason they refer to Rogers is the history of evidence-based treatment.

“The results were impressive, and we can see that many clinicians count on Rogers to be the experts in assessing and treating mental health. They have come to count on the research and outcomes we make available, which is a benefit they are not receiving from other providers,” explains Michelle.

Reaching out

Though each question on the survey received largely positive results, there were instances where referents indicated that they were “dissatisfied” or “highly dissatisfied” with their experience. These respondents were contacted directly by Michelle, Kristine, and Janet Gatlin, outreach manager for Wisconsin, to further discuss their feedback.

“It’s important that each referent who provided feedback in the survey felt heard, and I found that making a follow-up phone call to dissatisfied referents helped in most situations,” Janet explained. “The referents I reached out to were thankful that I was calling for more information, and they were appreciative of the fact that Rogers cared enough to learn more about their experience.”

In recognition of the dissatisfaction some referents expressed regarding communication, providers were offered a point person to contact during their next referral. Extending this resource proved helpful, with nearly all referents who had previously indicated dissatisfaction stating that they would refer again. Additional improvements will continue to be explored to ensure that those in need are able to receive the appropriate care.

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