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Psychiatric Outpatient Care begins phase two of rollout; Miami adds Trauma Recovery

12/15/23 04:30:pm

Community members in Wisconsin can now receive a psychiatric evaluation and ongoing medication management as part of phase two of Psychiatric Outpatient Care, which started in early December.

“Since the program started in October as a virtual service, there have been nearly 100 internal referrals and 67 scheduled appointments with patients through the end of the year, with more being added daily,” says Signa Meyers, vice president of strategic initiatives. “Community members have been able to get an appointment either the next day or at their earliest convenience.”

Daniel McCool, APNP at Rogers’ West Allis adult outpatient clinic, says he’s seen firsthand how the program is making a difference.

“Prior to starting this service at Rogers, patients from one of our highest levels of care would be scheduled three to six months after discharge for psychiatric care in the community at a time when they were most vulnerable,” says Daniel. “It’s been encouraging to see patients have more rapid access to psychiatric providers, and ease of access internally to other levels of care within the Rogers System. I’ve already personally witnessed the value of this program through prevention of unnecessary admissions, and potentially life-saving early intervention.”

West Allis will offer in-person services beginning in January 2024.

For questions, please reference the FAQ. If your question is not answered in the FAQ, reach out to Signa Meyers at Signa.Meyers@rogersbh.org.

Miami adds Trauma Recovery

Rogers’ Miami clinic is now offering Trauma Recovery for adults. The partial hospitalization program opened in early December.

Denver is expected to open Trauma Recovery PHP for adults in January 2024.

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