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Podcast on teen addiction launched by Rogers

10/28/20 10:32:am

TeenAddictionHero.jpgRogers is proud to announce the launch of a four-part podcast series on reducing the risk of teen addiction.

The podcast is hosted by Michelle Maloney, PhD, executive director of Addiction Services, and focuses on who is at risk, the connection between mental health and substance use, and what parents can do when they suspect their child is using.

“Many adolescents believe experimentation is part of normal adolescence as the perception of harm (particularly with marijuana) is decreasing, with approximately 70% of adolescents stating that they could acquire a substance in less than 24 hours if they wanted to,” Dr. Maloney says. “Despite this perception, any substance use by adolescents is not safe as their brains are continuing to develop.”

Dr. Maloney and Laura John, clinical supervisor in Appleton, also discussed teen addiction in a recent Q&A video live on Rogers’ Facebook.

All Rogers’ podcast can be found in the Resources section of the website.

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