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New Year, New System: Workday live, more improvements to come

01/16/24 05:00:pm

Rogers is bringing in the new year with a new integrated software system. You’ve seen the new look: The transition from D365 to Workday is here, with changes to make employees’ lives easier still to come.

“Workday is a powerful, fully integrated business platform,” says Chris Jagoditz, chief financial officer.

“It offers best-in-class finance and human resources applications with built-in artificial intelligence,” he explains.

Chris says Workday is the platform of choice for more than half of Fortune 500 companies, such as Netflix, Patagonia, and numerous Wisconsin companies, namely, Children’s Wisconsin.

“Workday provides an intuitive user experience that supports Rogers’ existing processes, and seamlessly integrates with our current business partners,” he says, adding that it includes Rogers’ scheduling and time and attendance platform, UKG Pro Workforce Management, recently upgraded from the former Kronos system.

Adam El-Ali, MBA, vice president of information technology services, says the new system was designed with employees in mind.

“It was imperative that we eliminate waste and give more time back to our employees,” Adam explains. “Within the next few weeks, we hope to enable self-scheduling of shifts. This should simplify the employee scheduling process and make it easier for employees to take PTO, find coverage, pick up shifts, and more.”

Adam says that while he’s extremely proud and grateful for the team’s immense effort on the transition over the past 18 months, “no go-live is perfect.”

“As such, the first 90 days after going live focus on a phase called stabilization,” he says.

In simple terms, that means support teams will refine the system using your feedback.

“Another important factor to complete stabilization is to ensure that managers and employees are comfortable and know how to use the system,” he explains. “I am confident that we will be able to navigate through this phase so we can progress to the exciting enhancements to come.”

He says the future also holds an advanced scheduling system using predictive analytics to book proper schedules further into the future.

Workday streamlines processes for employees and the human resources support functions, says Stacy Babl, chief human resources officer, combining multiple HR systems into one platform.

“Leaders will see more streamlined workflows for new hires and transfers,” says Stacy. “With greater visibility into their system record information and the ability to enter updates to personal information directly into the system, such as address changes, employees will no longer need to fill out and submit a form to keep their records updated. The capability to embed job-preview videos when marketing our open positions will improve a new hire’s understanding of the role before they arrive on their first day, which aids in our retention efforts.”

Stacy says those are just a few examples of improvements employees will experience.

“The time and dedication put into crafting this system to be as efficient as possible is immeasurable,” she says. “The individuals who worked to make this implementation a reality cannot be thanked enough for propelling Rogers forward in its technological capabilities.”

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