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New question and suggestion feature creates new communication opportunity

11/15/22 04:45:pm

Since launching our new question and suggestion mechanism on Rogers Connect, employees across the System have been reaching out to leadership about what’s on their minds.

Boydlg.jpg“We are delighted to offer this opportunity for our teammates to ask questions and share suggestions between our monthly Take 30 town halls,” says John Boyd, PsyD, president and CEO. “My leadership team and I love to hear about what’s working well, but we also want to hear about the pain points, challenges, and the things we can do better – so that we can harness our resources more effectively and improve our work experience and clinical experience as a whole.”

So far, people have asked questions about particular roles, appropriate disclosure boundaries, recycling practices, and COVID-19 protocols. Teammates have also provided suggestions such as providing a self-care group for employees, time dedicated to volunteering, and increasing paid time off for new parents.

“I love that Rogers has introduced this new mechanism to suggest ideas and improvements to leadership,” says Sloan Butler, guest services specialist at Ladish Co. Foundation Center. “All the employees at Rogers bring a myriad of skills and a wealth of knowledge from their past work and personal experiences and now we have a way to share our thoughts, suggestions, and ideas with those that can potentially introduce them to the rest of the organization. Personally, this mechanism helps me to feel like my voice is valued and heard, which in turn makes me have a more vested interest in our organization and its future.”

Everyone who submits a question or suggestion and chooses to provide their name receives a direct response. Responses are also posted to the question and suggestion intranet page and some are shared during Take 30 meetings. Individuals’ names, locations, and roles are not displayed, and people can request that the question or idea is not shared broadly if they prefer.

As always, please continue to first communicate directly with your leader and team whenever appropriate. In addition, the question and suggestion mechanism is not meant to take the place of the Compliance and Ethics Helpline and other support lines.

John also encourages team members to reach out directly to him and other leaders between Take 30s.

“I remain fully available and accessible and know all our leaders are as well,” he says. “Transparent conversation is how we will move ahead and is the only way to improve together Question icon.jpgand realize our full potential.”

To submit a question or suggestion or to view responses, please click here or look for the icon on the right side of the Rogers Connect homepage.

Read more from teammates on what they’re saying about this new opportunity to ask questions and share suggestions with leaders:

“I think this is a great process to allow employees to ask questions that they may not know the answers to. I think it brings a unique process to get insight of what may be going on behind the scenes that not a lot of employees see.” ~ David Miller, behavior specialist

“I definitely appreciate another avenue of communication. I’ll admit the questions I’ve submitted aren’t easy ones, so some of the answers I’ve received have been more about sharing what Rogers has in the works to find solutions, but this is still helpful because it lets me know that my suggestion, concern, or question is being addressed. I’ve been suggesting this portal to my coworkers too because frustrations do arise, …but frustrations can usually be turned into solutions and improvements if they are delivered appropriately and to the right people with the right resources, and this portal, so far, feels like it does that.” ~ Laura Cieslak, residential care specialist

“I feel that it’s a useful addition for employees like myself that work the night shift to feel heard and share our ideas when we may not have the opportunity to meet with management to discuss suggestions in person.”  
~ Jodie Kintopp, intake specialist

“It’s wonderful that this avenue is being offered as it helps employees know that not only are they valued, that their thoughts and questions are also valued. I appreciated having this avenue to share my thoughts considering all the life-changing events that have happened to me recently which impact my ability to want to continue working for and with Rogers.” ~ Lucy-Ann Muabe

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