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New logo and refreshed mission, vision, and values revealed

02/26/19 01:12:pm

rogers logo 1000x625.jpgRogers Behavioral Health’s new logo and refreshed mission, vision, and values were revealed as part of the rebranding process.

The new Rogers logo incorporates an image representing a sun rising above water and pairs nicely with the “rising above” theme that will be used in our communication and marketing to inspire hope. 

A dedicated section of Rogers Connect called Brand Central has been put together to help everyone keep track of important changes and updates as Rogers continues through its rebranding.

On Brand Central, you can find a rebranding timeline, site and program name changes, email group name changes, and more. As the process continues, additional information will be added for badges, business cards, and letterhead. A link for Brand Central has been added to Rogers Connect’s homepage on the right-hand side and in the rotating home page feature.

The rebranding process began back in Summer 2018 when research was completed with senior leadership and other stakeholders, former patients, families, and referring providers.

Some of the notable changes that go into effect on March 1 include:

All sites should be referred to as Rogers Behavioral Health instead of Rogers Memorial Wisconsin

The en dash (–) between “Rogers” and clinic locations should no longer be used. Instead write “Rogers in St. Paul” or “Rogers’ Skokie location,” for example.

Service lines and programs have been renamed to better describe what we offer patients and match current healthcare naming conventions. For example: Addiction Services will be called Addiction Recovery.

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