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New locations approved, new programs opening at several sites

04/18/18 05:42:pm


The new Chicago area clinic in Hinsdale is expected to open in mid-September, with programs for FOCUS for adolescents and adults as well as OCD and Anxiety for kids, adolescents, and adults. Planning for a grand opening event is underway. 

Rogers–Skokie is planning to open a depression and mood disorders program for those on the autism spectrum, and a dual diagnosis IOP on May 21. The FOCUS program for young adults will be changed to accept adults of all ages.

New Rogers Locations

A location for the Rogers–Miami clinic has been selected and the lease is being finalized. It is expected to open around November. A location for Rogers–Saint Paul is still being determined.


Rogers–Appleton is opening a dual diagnosis PHP on May 14. Michael Miller, MD, director of addiction program development and training, will attend an Appleton area event on May 15 with referring professionals to help promote the new program.


Rogers–Minneapolis increased capacity for its adult OCD IOP and PTSD PHP to serve eight, up from four. Minneapolis is also planning to add an adult OCD PHP in May, serving four patients at first and expanding to eight later.


Dual diagnosis programs for adults and adolescents will be offered in Nashville in late fall 2018.

Tampa Bay

A dual diagnosis program is set to open at Rogers–Tampa Bay by the end of May. It will serve 10 patients, six days a week from Monday – Saturday.  

West Allis

The Rogers–West Allis expansion is expected to be completed around early July. An open house event is currently being planned for September to coincide with Recovery Month.

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