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New eCoach tool improves Cerner workflows

06/14/21 10:50:am

eCoach 2 (1).jpgClinical Technology Services (CTS) recently released a new tool from Cerner called eCoach that will enhance Rogers employees’ efficiencies and skillsets. This just-in-time resource located within the Cerner organizer bar houses job aids, videos, and insights on how to improve workflows.

“Staff are interrupted by Cerner questions and call CTS approximately 35 times a week for questions that can be answered with job aids,” says Sarah El-Ali, a solution strategist on the Medical Staff team.

“With eCoach, we hope to eliminate those interruptions and give clinicians the information they need when and where they need it. This reserves more time for quality interactions with our patients, which is truly the ultimate goal of eCoach.”

One of its most useful features, according to Sarah, is the Insight tab that offers personalized recommendations to increase users’ individual Cerner efficiencies. For instance, it informs staff if they have opportunity in their workflows and provides a peer-to-peer comparison with anonymous Rogers employees.

Employees can also expect to find Rogers-specific workflow videos in the coming months that will address their most frequently asked questions on patient lists, interdisciplinary plans of care, therapeutic notes, and scheduling and registration.

All Cerner users at Rogers have access to eCoach in their organizer toolbar, which is the gray toolbar at the top of the PowerChart window.

“Please take some time to explore it,” Sarah advises. “As questions about your Cerner workflow arise, try browsing existing content or clicking the magnifying glass on the right to search existing content.”

“eCoach allows you to give feedback on the quality of content using ‘likes’ and comments that will guide the creation of new and continuously improved content,” adds Nicole Klaus, director of EHR optimization and strategy. “We encourage employees to provide this feedback to assist in the continuous improvement of the tool.”

CTS will update content to eCoach on a regular basis, including integrating standard work and job aids to help support change management throughout the Rogers Operating System and Digital Transformation Strategy.

In addition to Sarah and Nicole, key employees supporting Roger’s eCoach experience are Rochelle Le Gendre from CTS and Tiffany Hotopp from Talent Development.

Watch a five-minute video overview to learn more on eCoach and the Insight feature. For questions or help with eCoach, call ext. 1375 or submit a ticket to cts_support@rogersbh.org.

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