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MyRogers Info patient portal helps reduce admission time

04/22/19 08:09:am

Development and testing for our MyRogers Info patient portal continue, and early indications are showing its ability to reduce admission times. 

The portal has been live for patients in our OCD and Anxiety Adult Residential Care for several weeks.

Nick Goode, day-to-day project manager for the portal, says that the portal is being used to gather pre-admission data. “It has been very helpful in kick starting patient treatment planning and the physician recommendation process,” he says. “So far 45 to 50 Patients have been offered access to the portal, and about 70% have chosen to participate.”

A portion of those uncompleted portal surveys are due to complications from OCD and anxiety, but Nick says the goal is to have at least 50% of the questionnaires completed. So far, patients who finish the questionnaires have an average screening time of 65 minutes, which is down from the current admissions screening of 85 minutes.

“Our next step is to figure out a way to utilize the portal for in-house ‘Guardian Questionnaires’ so that guardians can use it to give data that will directly feed into Cerner,” Nick says. “After that we plan to spread slowly but surely to other units so that they can utilize the functionalities of the portal.”

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