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Monica Robertson promotes teamwork, respect in Nashville

04/16/21 04:30:pm

Monica Robertson, BSN, RN, a registered nurse by trade, has been with Rogers Behavioral Health since the Nashville clinic first opened in 2015. Just two years after her arrival as the clinic’s nurse, she took over as its director of operations.

When the opportunity to become the director of operations arose, Monica says there was a lot of hesitancy due to her passion for patient care.

“Becoming the director of operations was not a part of my plan,” she says. Leaving nursing behind to serve as Nashville’s director of operations was a difficult decision, but Monica says that encouragement from Stephanie Eken, MD, FAAP, medical director, Regional Division, had a lot to do with her decision to accept the role. monica2.jpg

“Nursing is my passion, and behavioral health is near and dear to my heart,” Monica says. “Transitioning away from that was scary. My heart continues to be full because I now lead a wonderful team that provides lifesaving treatment that I get to witness daily.” 

One of the things that Monica enjoys the most about Rogers is the dynamic that the entire team has with one another. 

“Rogers is a large company, but it's small here in Nashville,” she says. “We're all here for each other, and do what we need to do to make sure our treatment is the best it can be." 

That team cohesion is something that Monica says makes Nashville unique.

“We utilize the share plan a lot here,” Monica says. “It allows clinicians in certain programs to take patients outside of their home programs, which alleviates the wait for treatment. This requires a lot of flexibility and team cohesiveness. It’s great to see everyone pitch in and do what is needed to make this possible.”

Monica continues, saying that she firmly believes that a team is only as “strong as you make it.” In Nashville, everyone plays an important role, with Monica highlighting her team’s humbleness and willingness to pitch in.

“Respect and trust from one another are what makes us a strong team,” she says. “It’s simple, but it goes a really long way.”

Get to know Monica

With Monica’s favorite thing about her job being Nashville’s family-like work environment, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that she’s very much a family-oriented person in her private life as well.

“I enjoy spending quality time with my family in general,” she says. “I have gatherings, cookouts, parties, and dinners. I’m always the host, which I enjoy. I’m a grandma – a ‘GIGI’ is what I’m called – so I love spending time with my little grandbaby as well. Anything family-oriented, I’m all in.”

A fun fact that Monica finds “unique and weird” is that she and her great-grandmother have the same birthday – Halloween – and that her great-grandmother’s son and Monica’s own son also share a birthday.