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Miami clinic celebrates five years of serving a bilingual community

03/15/24 02:00:pm

Tabitha Lennon.JPGTabitha Lennon, director of operations for Rogers in Miami, touts teamwork as the glue that holds the clinic together.

Miami opened in February 2018 as Rogers’ first bilingual clinic. Recently, they celebrated their fifth anniversary with a charcuterie table and a game of Jeopardy with questions about Rogers’ history and fun Miami facts.

“Whether they’re newer employees or have been here since the beginning, they demonstrate flexibility and dedication to provide needed services in the Miami community,” says Tabitha, who is also the director of operations in Tampa. “Providing bilingual services brings extra challenges. Our therapists make sure our Spanish-speaking patients understand our translated materials. They handle that extra responsibility really well.”

Besides being creative when it comes to challenging patient cases, Tabitha says everyone pulls together to help the clinic succeed.

“The team takes the initiative to support the efforts of our community relations liaison, Tiffany Krause, in raising awareness,” she explains. “It’s all hands on deck.”

Tabitha says it’s always been that way.

“Before becoming director of operations, I was the regional admissions supervisor,” she recalls. “I remember being at the clinic on the Friday before we opened. The lobby was full of cardboard boxes, and everyone was making sure everything was in place so we would be ready to go first thing Monday morning.”

Currently, Miami offers OCD and Anxiety PHP and IOP for children, adolescents, and adults, and Focus Depression Recovery PHP and IOP for adolescents and adults. Additionally, Miami provides Trauma Recovery PHP. For adults. Tabitha hopes to expand services in the future.

“We’d like to bring some of the newer service lines to Miami, like Primary Behavioral Health,” she says.


Pictured from left to right: Lilysbel Rodriguez, Maria Veiguela, Ana Trujillo

Lilysbel Rodriguez, Maria Veiguela, and Ana Trujillo have been with the clinic since it opened. Tabitha asked them to share their thoughts:

“What keeps me at Rogers is the great impact we have on patients and families with the work we do daily. Seeing someone improve their life significantly gives me a big sense of reward. I am very proud of the growth that we have each achieved in the last five years. Different positions and promotions have been part of the journey, but most importantly, the level of knowledge and experience we have developed here is something to brag about.” ~ Lilysbel Rodriguez, clinical services manager

“I love the patients, families, and my colleagues. My administration gives me the support I need to love my work. Professionally, I am proud of my RN III promotion. Personally, I am proud of every Press Ganey or Google comment, note, card, drawing, sticker, craft, etcetera, that I have ever received from patients, colleagues, and the organization. They adorn my office. Every month, I look forward to our staff meeting where Tabitha brings out her wheel-of-fun. She always has a reason to select a few teammates to spin it and win various prizes. We have a lot of fun while we talk about work and our progress.” ~ Maria Veiguela, RN

“I enjoy being to see how the work that we are doing is changing our patients’ lives for the better. I am also proud of being able to support other staff as they also make an impact on their patients’ lives.” ~ Ana Trujillo, therapist

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