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Mandy Isaacson is proud of what we’ve accomplished together during the pandemic

05/22/20 02:58:pm

7410-Isaacson-Amanday.jpgIn early March, COVID-19 became Mandy Isaacson’s, RN, infection control manager, main priority in early March when Rogers initiated an emergency plan. Much of her time in those early weeks was filled with important meetings, creating flow charts and standard work, and keeping up to date with everchanging local, state, and federal guidelines.

“It has greatly highlighted the role of infection control and how it’s essential to reduce the spread of infection,” Mandy says. “It is exciting to be a part of an organization that can quickly adapt and come together as a team to ensure we are able to continue to serve our patients. I thank each and every one of our employees for doing their part during this pandemic”

In addition to her responsibilities for infection control, Mandy also stays up to date with the latest guidelines from the Joint Commission and Department of Health and Human Services, oversees onboarding related to health requirements, works to reduce workplace injuries, is a member of the Go Pro for Safety committee, and she organizes the annual Health and Wellness Fairs.

Mandy first learned of Rogers when she had a clinical rotation on the West Allis campus during nursing school at Waukesha County Technical College. She started at Rogers as a health and wellness nurse four years ago and has been the manager of infection control for the last two years.

“I enjoy being at Rogers,” she says. “It’s an organization where we are always looking to improve, and no idea is thrown to the side. Rogers allows me to continue advancing my career while maintaining a work life balance, which is important to me and my family.”

One of her favorite things about working at Rogers is the culture of continuous improvement found throughout the system and the ability to work with multiple disciplines to serve patients in a holistic manner.

“Infection Control is here to assist in the overall experience for the patient and employees,” she says. “When we provide feedback or start new initiatives it is to improve our current system and ensure everyone goes home the same or healthier than when they came in.”

Mandy photo (1).jpgThe pandemic presented numerous challenges to maintain treatment at Rogers, but Mandy says that she is “so proud of our teamwork, collaboration across all levels of our system, unity and perseverance to continue to serve our patients and communities while maintaining a safe environment.”

“COVID has been noted to spread rapidly and we’ve been able to contain it while maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our patients and staff. I am proud to work for Rogers and be a part of this amazing organization,” she adds.

Getting to know Mandy

Spending time together as a family is important to Mandy, and she particularly enjoys being outdoors or camping with them. In her free time, she also likes reading and baking. While she enjoys baking all sorts of goodies, she says that her family’s favorite is lemon pie.