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Kristi Grothe, Denver’s director of operations, celebrates her team’s success

04/09/24 12:00:pm

Kristi photo_in story.JPGKristi Grothe, director of operations in Denver, is proud of her team and inspired by their efforts.

“They do excellent work with patients, and I’m grateful to be part of the team’s growth,” says Kristi. “They are so capable of amazing things. I also really appreciate the leadership team that I’m part of. I feel very supported.”

She applauds her team for achieving a shared goal.

“We had been experiencing low census,” she says. “Thanks to combined efforts, we were able to increase our census overall and accomplished a site census goal in December. The entire Denver team worked together really well to make sure we were available for patients and that they had a good experience in our clinic.”

Kristi joined Rogers in the summer of 2023. Previously, she was regional operations director for Centennial Mental Health Center, Inc. in Colorado, where she oversaw operations for five mental health and substance abuse clinics while doing clinical work with adolescents and adults. Additionally, she worked on the mobile crisis team doing community-based risk assessments.

“I chose to follow a career path in mental health after teaching for a few years after undergrad,” she shares. “I had some really transformative experiences in my own therapy, and I was thankful for the space to heal. My son and I have used mental health services, and we’ve benefited from great clinical providers. The ways in which they help people change their lives truly inspire me.”

She says Rogers’ Mission and values attracted her to pursue the job opening in Denver, in addition to watching former patient video testimonials.

“It was incredible to see how Rogers’ treatment impacted so many lives,” she says.

Kristi enjoys the challenge of her role.

“Operations is multifaceted, and there are a lot of moving parts,” she explains. “I like collaborating with a team to keep everything working together. Operations has more clinical consideration in decision-making than I believe many people realize. I think there’s a misconception that operations is all about numbers and finance, and people don’t know that there are many clinical aspects that drive decisions.”

Kristi has several goals for the future of the Denver clinic.

“We want to continue outreach activities to create a footprint in Denver and the surrounding communities and keep our focus on providing quality care to patients to help them reach their goals,” she says, “We want to be intentional about program expansion.”

Getting to know Kristi

Kristi and son_new.JPGdog.pngKristi is big fan of live music and has trips planned to Milwaukee to see Dan + Shay and Tyler Childers in the spring and summer. She’s also going to Las Vegas in September to celebrate her son Tanner’s 21st birthday.

Kristi enjoys her dog, Lola who is a goldendoodle and in training to provide animal assisted therapy.

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