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Kim Effertz puts focus on improving access to care

03/07/17 04:37:am

effertz.jpgFor Kim Effertz, vice president, admitting and utilization review operations, her work is more about passion than merely a job. Kim says she stays at Rogers because she believes we stay true to our goal of serving our patients and families to the best of our ability. She adds,” The mental health needs of our community are tremendous.  I have never felt us lose that focus over all the years. We work very hard to help those in need and I feel called and privileged to be a part of that mission.”

Kim also enjoys sharing the work of that mission with her fellow co-workers.  “We have amazing staff here with incredible competence and skills who have contributed so much to this mission.  I also have a very special place in my heart for our admitting and UR staff who pour their heart and soul into their jobs to make a difference- and it is not an easy job!  I am committed to serving as their leader and take it very seriously.  I love the people who work here.”

Kim was recruited to Rogers from Charter Behavioral Health System back in 1999. As Admitting Manager, she led a small team of six in the Admitting Department and three in Utilization Review (UR). Under Kim’s leadership and due to growth at Rogers, those numbers have grown over the years to 75 in Admitting and 22 in UR.

Kim is an example of someone who has enjoyed new opportunities at Rogers, starting in one role and being promoted into others. Moving from a manager to director and as of December 2016, vice president, Kim has benefitted professionally from Rogers’ growth and success. In the last year, she’s also taken on leadership of the Rogers Improvement System Value Stream on Admissions and Transitions. By focusing on patients and staff at each point in her career, she’s proven herself over time as an invaluable part of that success.

“Kim is an amazing advocate for the community to access the excellent care that Rogers provides,” says Paul Mueller, CEO of Rogers Memorial Hospital and Kim’s manager.

Getting to know Kim Effertz and her departments

In her spare time, Kim loves to read, go camping and travel.  Her favorite book is Redeeming Love and best trip ever was to see the Holy Land in Israel.

Fun fact: Kim used to play basketball and once shot 43 free throws in a row!

The Rogers Admitting Department handles more than 15,000 patient admissions a year. Their work starts at the point a person (potential patient, family member or friend, physician or therapist, another hospital, county, or clinic calls seeking services until the time the patient is admitted or declined. 

“I am so proud we are able to help so many.  It is heartbreaking to know that we still are unable to serve thousands of patients a year due to a variety of reasons.  We’ll keep working to keep that number as low as possible.”

~ Kim Effertz, vice president, admitting and utilization review operations

The Utilization Review Department is comprised of care advocates who work with our patients’ insurance plans to ensure coverage and appropriate authorization for treatment at Rogers.  Read about one example of how the department advocates on behalf of patients, shared in the February edition of Insight. 

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