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Inpatient program moves successfully completed

07/14/23 12:30:pm
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Three inpatient units in Oconomowoc now have a new home, thanks to collaboration across roles. Changes to inpatient programs in Brown Deer and West Allis are also complete with Brown Deer serving all adults this summer and West Allis serving children, adolescents, and adults.

Cindy Meyer, interim president and CEO and chief operating officer, is grateful for the results: “THANK YOU! As a team you cared, you stepped forward, and you didn’t hold back as a team collectively becoming doers.”

These changes allowed Rogers to adapt use of space and teams to where community needs are highest. The combined changes in Oconomowoc, West Allis, and Brown Deer are designed to expand access to all adult patients during the summer months and to eating disorder patients for the long-term. All decisions were based on long-term historical trends.

Barbara Brockmeier and Barb Whitstone led the Oconomowoc collaboration and ensured that hundreds of details were considered and planned for when the final moves took place on Tuesday, June 20.

“Thank you to each and everyone one of you that participated in the planning and execution of these unit moves. Without you, we never would have accomplished this goal. We safely, successfully and seamlessly moved three inpatient units in one day! The way you all supported each other and executed the plan and pivoted in the moment when unexpected things occurred was truly an inspiration. I am grateful and honored to be a part of this inpatient team.” ~Barbara Brockmeier, vice president of inpatient operations, Oconomowoc.

“We did it! I am so proud of all the teams for pitching in and making the day go better than anyone would have imagined. I appreciate the resilience, grace, smiles that were displayed by all. Thank you for making this major project go so well – I am in awe of what we have accomplished.” ~Barb Whitstone, vice president, Facilities

Oconomowoc changes

On June 20, the location of three of our four Oconomowoc inpatient care units shifted increasing capacity for adult eating disorders by 8 beds to a total of 22 at a time when we often have as many as 50 adults waiting for eating disorder treatment at Rogers. The moves also enable us to better meet patient needs with a seclusion and restraint room in close proximity to the adult mental health unit, which is something identified as a gap in recent Town Hall meetings.

Oconomowoc’s adolescent inpatient program will continue to serve patients ages 13 through 17 with a physical capacity of 14 beds. (Children 12 and under are being served at our West Allis campus.)

The Brown Deer/West Allis changes were led by Derrick Ellis, vice president of inpatient operations for those sites.

“Our inpatient hospital programs have collaborated extremely well to provide the services that the community needs most. I am pleased that we were able to adjust our staffing and accepted the challenge to show to up to provide superior treatment to all those in our care.” ~Derrick Ellis, vice president of inpatient operations for Brown Deer and West Allis

Brown Deer changes

During the summer months only, Rogers expanded capacity for adult inpatient care in Brown Deer from 28 to as many as 56 beds. Capacity will be assessed throughout the summer.

To facilitate the increase in adult beds, children and adolescents are being served in West Allis. These changes allow Brown Deer to treat more adults while we still accommodate demand for child and adolescent inpatient treatment at our other sites.

West Allis changes

West Allis continues to serve adults requiring inpatient mental health and addiction treatment including withdrawal management up to 51 adult patients.

West Allis’ child and adolescent inpatient program continues to serve patients ages 4 through 17 with a total of 22 beds.

Please keep in mind:

  • It’s important that we help our communities understand that Rogers offers high-quality treatment as a system of care across sites so that we can accommodate needs when people seek child and adolescent services. This will be a shift in mindset for some so it’s important to help families to understand that they will receive the same evidence-based care at any site.
  • Emergency rooms can continue to call 800-767-4411, option 2 for all inpatient transfers instead of calling previous site-specific numbers. (Fax: 262-303-2084)
  • For admissions concerns, email Admissions-Leadership@rogersbh.org, fill out the form at Admissions Feedback, or call 800-767-4411.
  • For any other concerns, please reach out to your immediate supervisor.

We remain committed to serving how and where the needs are greatest. We will monitor the impact of these changes, and if this year’s demand for child and adolescent inpatient treatment is significantly different from historical trends, we will reevaluate and adjust as needed.

Thank you to everyone involved for the tremendous amount of collaboration across departments.

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