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‘I love to make a difference’: Rogers teammates share the ‘why’ behind their work

05/15/24 12:30:pm

As part of One Rogers Week, May 12-18, we asked you to share your ‘why’ for working at Rogers. In just a few days, we received hundreds of responses.

Here is just a sampling of what you sent in:

“I love to make a difference in the lives of patients, and I also love my coworkers!” ~ Maria Wichman, registered nurse, Silver Lake North

“I feel like Roger’s makes me happy everyday in someway. I get joy everyday from the opportunity to hopefully positively impact another person.” ~Falyn Mellul, family therapist, Skokie

“For the patients, if not for them being brave enough to take the difficult journey We would not be here. Also being a part of something so much greater than us, is an honor.” ~Brandon Liebergen, supportive living coordinator, Sheboygan

“I love working at Rogers because of the team here. I love our “sparkle” and the support we give each other. I can truly say I love my job.” ~ Avery Corcoran, behavior specialist II, Seattle

“My ‘why’ is 435 patients. I have 435 patient files, and counting, that I have been a behavior specialist for. That is 435 individuals that put their mental health first and entrusted Rogers/myself with their care.” ~ Heather Ditter, behavioral specialist, Silver Lake

“The people and the teamwork - I’m always inspired by the bright minds and compassionate hearts of the staff that work here and I want to be a part of that.” ~ Bridget Ellingboe, director of operations, Madison

“My WHY for my work at Rogers is my deep desire to bring hope and healing to our communities. Witnessing the strength and resilience of our patients inspires me to continue to lead with compassion in my role, knowing that we are in a position to encourage a profound difference in someone’s journey and recovery.” ~ Stephanie, behavioral health technician II, San Diego

“I want to help people succeed and work through the hard moments. I am hopeful for everyone to live their best life!!” ~ Miranda Solveson, mental health technician, Oconomowoc

“I enjoy working at Rogers because it is patient centered and focuses on wellbeing of the patient. Rogers feels like a family, the people that work here are truly caring and love their jobs, every person has a story to tell about their lives at home From the MHT to the nurses that work here, it truly is like one big family.” ~ Chizoba Ezenyi, registered nurse, Brown Deer

“I love working for Rogers because of the mission to help people realize that they can do it! They can overcome or learn to manage and deal with any undesirable situation or circumstance, resulting in achieving a better quality of life for themselves.” Curtis Mallory, food service director, Brown Deer

“I work at Rogers because I truly want to help people.” ~ Kim Nokes-Stenz, registered nurse, Appleton

“I enjoy knowing I can use my empathy and compassion to offer support in our patients most challenging time in their life. I truly care about our patients and want to see them succeed in their sobriety or mental health.” ~ Ricardo M. Perez, therapist, West Allis

“Growing up, I didn’t receive the care and attention that I provide currently here at Rogers. It’s a way of giving back to the community so that others don’t have to experience what I went through.” ~ Ed Ornelas, behavioral specialist, Oconomowoc

My ‘why’ in life is to live with compassion for others and support others in doing the same. This intersects with another one of my whys, to work towards a more equitable world where everyone has the resources to reach their full potential. All these personal whys fuel my work at Rogers. I am so fortunate to have a job that aligns with my values and provides me an opportunity to positively impact the world around me.” ~ Emily Jonesberg, community learning and engagement program manager, Brown Deer

“I love working with my teams to help patients who have often run out of options to be able to get back to fulfilling lives.” ~ Gene Yang, MD, psychiatrist, remote

“I have formed many positive relationships with coworkers and having that experience and connection makes this company enjoyable to work for.” ~ John O’Reilly, maintenance technician, Oconomowoc

“I love having a positive influence on the lives of others seeking help, to be an encouragement to them at the front!” ~ Arianna Valdez, clinic support coordinator, Tampa

“Working in healthcare has always been my passion, dream, and goal for me. Of the 20+ years of working in healthcare, being an Art Therapist here at Rogers has been the most rewarding, fulfilling, and valuable career choice that I have made. Every day I am grateful to say that I work at Rogers and have the privilege to be a part of each of my resident’s journey throughout their recovery.” ~ Katie Lindemann, art therapist, Oconomowoc

“I love to help families get connected to the treatment they/their loved one needs and getting the word out about the amazing treatment our programs provide.” ~ Jamie Bjork, community relations liaison, St. Paul

“Rogers has excellent evidenced-based clinical protocols that drive meaningful recovery-oriented care to each patient. Patients receive highly effective treatment in a relatively short period to time.” ~ Patrick Michaels, clinical director, Nashville

“I love our mission and the opportunity to use my skills to raise awareness and fight stigma.” ~ Anne Ballentine, vice president, marketing and communications, Corporate Center Drive

“Humans deserve to be human and be well.” ~ Cassie Wygle, therapist, Oconomowoc

Thank you to all who took the time to share their ‘why!’

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