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How Rogers uses margin to support patients, team members

11/21/19 10:20:am

When a for-profit organization has a successful year, excess funds are given back to its shareholders. As a private, not-for-profit system, Rogers’ earnings are instead reinvested into our own system, the Foundation, and our team members to advance our mission to provide high quality mental health and addiction treatment

Rogers ended FY2019 with $36.9 million in earnings. This sum was used to facilitate our expansion of new programs and locations, pay debt service, increase the charitable giving fund and assist the Foundation, and invest in our team members through Gainshare bonus distributions.

“One of the best parts of being not-for-profit and independent is that Rogers has the ability to give back to our employees, patients, and communities," says Pat Hammer, CEO. "The recent Gainshare payments are a direct result of our combined efforts in providing highly effective care and being financially sustainable. It’s gratifying to see both employees and patients benefit from our success.” 

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