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“Give for a Better Day” holiday drive brings joy to Rogers patients

01/18/18 02:46:pm

give for a better day holiday drive insight.jpgWith the shelves now empty, Rogers Memorial Hospital Foundation has officially turned off the lights and said good night to the 2017 “Give for a Better Day” holiday drive.

The event brought quite a clatter to 468 children and teens going through treatment at Rogers Behavioral Health during the holidays. To wondering eyes appeared an abundance of gifts, beautifully wrapped and joyfully distributed by staff members across 14 different treatment programs at Rogers.

To ensure the gifts met the needs and interests of all age groups, the Foundation received recommendations from the clinical teams. At the top of their 2017 wish list were items such as mindfulness coloring books, fidget toys, fuzzy socks, activity books, games, blankets, crafts and $10 gift cards. After the holiday drive was complete, staff members from each program chose from among the donated items in the Foundation’s “workshop.” Their eyes, how they twinkled, when they came to pick out their gifts!

Here are few highlights from this year’s celebration shared by staff:

Eating Disorder Center

“The kids loved their gifts! They were very shocked that they were receiving gifts from Rogers, and they were very appreciative. Some of the comments were, ‘That was so sweet we got gifts!’ and ‘These are really nice. You know us so well!’”

Adolescent Center for OCD and Anxiety

“Our kids were so excited when they saw all the gifts under the tree. A couple actually teared up and couldn’t believe we had presents for each of them.”

Nashotah Program

“I wasn’t there when they opened their gifts the next morning, but when I informed the girls they would be receiving gifts, they all smiled and some became tearful. They commented on how nice this was for donors and the Foundation to put it together.”

Overall, approximately 35 companies, individuals, and community organizations held special events or hosted employee gift drives in support of the patients at Rogers. This outpouring of support is vital on so many levels. As one treatment team member explained:

“Giving and receiving gifts opens up the conversation to discuss how we feel about emotions like gratitude and giving without expectation. I find that through my years of working with mental health patients, they don’t always feel like they deserve receiving gifts. Some children have not experienced receiving a gift without expectations. Thankfully, there are caring people that are able to show love without expectation.”

To all our gracious supporters who made this season so special for so many, “Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good night!”

This article originally appeared on the Rogers Memorial Hospital Foundation website.

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