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Genevieve Fraser focuses her passion for connecting community members to Rogers’ life-changing care

10/17/23 12:30:pm

genevieve_tn (1).jpgAs senior director of strategic alignment and business intelligence, Genevieve oversees the Data Analytics and the Community Relations (formerly Outreach) teams.

“I integrate the information we get from the community, including market competitor information and where referrals and patients are coming from, with the work from the Data Analytics team, to help make informed decisions on how we move forward as an organization,” says Genevieve.

Hired as director of special projects in December 2022, Genevieve transitioned to her current role in April 2023.

“I really love seeing what’s happening within our communities,” she says. “It’s important to know what the needs are and look at how Rogers is meeting them. There are important questions to ask. Where do we have the opportunity to become more involved in communities we serve in areas like legislation and policy, advocacy, and anti-stigma work? We have world-renowned experts at Rogers, so how do we provide that community benefit beyond treating a patient? How do we become a thought leader within the industry?”

Genevieve says the desire to return to non-profit work and Rogers’ reputation for evidence-based care are reasons she joined the team.

“I wanted to be part of an organization that had clinical excellence and innovation along with opportunities for growth,” she says. “There are so many incredibly smart individuals who work here. It’s exciting to be part of a team that is so distinguished and compassionate and has truly made an impact on clinical protocols. As a clinician, who wouldn’t want to be part of that?”

Genevieve brings 15 years of experience in mental health and healthcare in Colorado. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, she has served the community through direct clinical practice, completing psychiatric evaluations in multi-hospital systems, program management of assisted living facilities, as well as providing care management within inpatient medical and psychiatric facilities. More recently, Genevieve worked for large healthcare companies including Springstone and HCA as the director of development and community engagement, connecting with both community and state organizations on mental health improvement initiatives. She has extensive experience in strategic planning, scope of work development, policy work, and pre-contract negotiations.

Additionally, Genevieve has implemented Salesforce builds in other healthcare organizations.

“We want to grow Salesforce at Rogers so we’re able to use it in many ways,” she says. “Besides seeing our patients’ journeys through our care, Salesforce helps us understand where they’re coming from.”

Genevieve says she loves her job and enjoys new challenges. She considers herself a “connector” and is eager to collaborate.

“The success of Rogers depends on everybody,” she says. “If people have sponsorships or events in the community or an organization that they think we need to be part of, our team would love to hear about it.”

Getting to know Genevieve

genevieve3 (1).jpgGenevieve was born and raised in Colorado where she developed a love for nature and travel. Her goal, which she shares with her partner, Nick, is to hike all the national parks. She says it’s a great way to see the country in a different light. They’ve visited 24 national parks and have 39 more to go.

genevieve4 (1).jpgThis past year they checked the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado off their list. Genevieve says it was quite the challenge hiking with 40-pound backpacks over the biggest sand dunes in North America.

Genevieve is a self-described foodie and has a large organic garden where she and Nick grow a lot of their own produce. She loves to cook and try out new restaurants. She also enjoys her rescue cats, Wanda and Mortimer.

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