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‘The event encouraged me to appreciate life’: Rogers team members take in rare solar eclipse

05/01/24 12:30:pm

Drawing eyes to the sky, the recent and rare total solar eclipse brought sunny smiles to Rogers team members.

On April 8, Rogers employees joined many across the world in going outside and with special glasses to watch the solar eclipse. Team members from Kubly FOCUS Depression Recovery sent us these photos, saying it was an exciting event for both residents and staff to experience together.


“I took it all in and worked to be mindful,” says Ben Sidesky, behavioral specialist and a bit of a local weather expert. “Mindful of the temperature drop, the shadows and if the birds and bugs would react differently. I thought about how small we are in the universe and the amazing chance that we have. The Earth is able to sustain life. I appreciate that the solstice was something that was encouraged. It was nice to have staff and residents experiencing something so rare together. The event encouraged me to appreciate life.”

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The photos above come from a team member who traveled to the path of totality, where the full solar eclipse was visible.

Another total solar eclipse won’t happen for another two decades on August 23, 2044.

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