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Employee feedback inspires change at Rogers

10/25/18 11:50:am

It’s been almost a year since Rogers employees took the engagement survey, and feedback from the survey can now be seen in changes throughout the system. We’ve highlighted some of the impact below.

Career growth and development

One of the most notable changes is the addition of a new performance management process that allows for a development and career discussion between manager and employee. The career path discussion has already had an effect at Rogers–Appleton. Signa Meyers, director of operations, says that she’s been able to assign extra responsibilities to team members who she knows want to work toward a leadership position, which has been positively received.

Permanent charge nurse positions have also been created for additional advancement opportunities.


A new onboarding and training process was developed to ensure the comfort and safety of our clinical team. Additionally, more ongoing education will be offered for RNs, PCAs, and RCs. Along with revamped training, safety programs have been created, including the relaunch of NCI and GoPro for Safety. 

A new DBT foundations training program was designed to enhance employee skill development and improve treatment throughout Rogers. This also offers new career development opportunities for employees.

Behavioral Specialist recruitment and selection has been improved. The BS position now has better access to CBT training and additional learning opportunities, and we’ve created a Behavioral Specialist Preceptor program.


Monthly PHP and IOP nurse meetings were created in response to the survey. Here is some of the feedback that Monica Robertson, director of operations at Rogers–Nashville, has received:

  • I feel heard.
  • It creates a sense of community among the nurses—they created a folder just for group info that we can all share, we get to ask how other sites do vital signs, medication orders, group therapy etc…
  • Changes are actually being made for the nurses and it is empowering. (New nursing assessment, new work flow (like the MDs have) etc.)
  • We have a voice in the changes and how our day to day is changing as a whole, which makes me like my job more on a day to day.
  • The things you are working hard on are acknowledged and that is encouraging.
  • Questions are able to be answered and are more uniform across regional sites.

Pay and benefits

The employee cost for insurance through Rogers has stayed the same for 2019 (for the Silver, Gold, and family High Deductible Health Plan) without a change in benefits. Rates for single and limited family (two people) HDHPs are decreasing. Additionally, Rogers is contributing $500 to employees’ health savings accounts for those participating in the high deductible plan.

“The survey gathered feedback regarding the medical and other benefits that were important to employees, says Brian Kramer, vice president, Human Resources. “Additionally, our staff said it was important to them that our health plan be competitive in offerings as well as the monthly premium we pay.”

In addition, with Rogers’ new performance evaluation process, there is a move toward merit based compensation adjustments, which will be used in the next round of employee evaluations.

The next employee engagement survey is scheduled for November 12. Please participate and share your ideas to shape the best possible work environment throughout Rogers.

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