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Derrick Jordan: From leader in training to VP of operations

02/25/21 09:56:am

New Project (4).jpgWhen Derrick Jordan, MSW, LCSW, applied to Rogers in early 2020, he could never have imagined how much the world would change by the time he joined the organization.

Having spent 10 years working in the foothills of North Carolina, Derrick had learned about Rogers through LinkedIn, and later applied and was hired as a leader in training. After moving halfway across the country, his first day on the job was March 23, still in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“When I accepted the position at Rogers, I was excited and looking forward to the opportunities the leader in training program would provide," Derrick says. "It was undeniably a difficult time to move and start a new position, but I was inspired and felt reassured that I had made the right choice when I arrived and saw Rogers pivot to transition 70% of active PHP and IOP patients to virtual programming. That showed an incredible commitment to ensuring access to care and helping patients reach their potential.”

The leader in training program provides participants with hands-on experience overseeing projects that directly impact patient care, and often includes rotational assignments in Patient Access, Operations, and more.

Following his time as a leader in training, Derrick moved into the vice president of Operations role at Brown Deer in the summer of 2020. In this role, he manages day-to-day operations and leads the team as they work to remove barriers, increase access to care, and improve outcomes through employee engagement and incremental progress.

Brown Deer unites during COVID-19

While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought unexpected and difficult challenges, Derrick says his proudest moment has been witnessing the team come together to ensure that quality care is not compromised.

"I’m so inspired by the dedication the Brown Deer team has shown throughout the last year,” Derrick explains. “Their steadfast commitment to filling in for co-workers, finding ways to provide timely access to care, and working to remove barriers shows how much we value the opportunity to help patients reach their full potential.”

In his first year with Rogers, Derrick says one opportunity he has especially enjoyed is learning how each department and individual employee uniquely contributes to furthering Rogers’ mission.

“It’s imperative that every employee feels the significance of their contributions. I really enjoy learning how each role supports our campus priorities and Rogers as a whole,” he says.

As the team continues to work hard and look forward to a return to normalcy, Derrick says he is excited for the future at Brown Deer. One significant source of his excitement is the prospect of adding residential programs.

“Offering the full continuum of services means there is more opportunity to help our patients and their families achieve wellness through evidence-based treatment," he says.

Derrick ski photo.jpgGet to know Derrick

In his free time, Derrick enjoys CrossFit and staying active. Though he considers himself competitive by nature, he also enjoys fishing in the summer and skiing during the cold and snowy winters.

In keeping with his competitiveness, Derrick says something that may surprise people is that a few years ago he successfully completed the 5:5:5 challenge, during which he ran a mile in less than 6 minutes, deadlifted over 500 pounds, and back squatted over 500 pounds—all in the same day!

While the past year has brought many challenges, Derrick says it’s important that everyone find ways to stay engaged and remain positive.

“The pandemic continues to impact our communities, patients, and our individual lives. While this is a unique time in history, I encourage everyone to look for a challenge of some sort—find a way to stay connected with friends and family, and find opportunities to safely do the things you enjoy,” Derrick says. “Whether you look at the glass as half empty or half full, remember that the glass is always refillable.”

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