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Derrick Ellis leads Atlanta clinic through virtual opening

08/25/20 10:03:am

derrick l ellis pic (002) (1).jpgOpening a new clinic during a global pandemic was not something that Atlanta Director of Operations Derrick Ellis had anticipated having to face. But by facing it head on, he and his team turned the challenges into opportunities to rise above.

“The team could not have been more resilient and selfless in our pursuit of opening the clinic,” Derrick explains. “Every challenge has been viewed as an opportunity. I tell our staff that we are talented individuals, but that to provide the best care possible we must be the most talented team. They have embraced these words with a collective determination to meet this vision.”

Although the Atlanta clinic did not have the opportunity to fully introduce Rogers to the Atlanta community as they had hoped, Derrick says that the community has embraced Rogers’ strong reputation.

“We admitted eight patients in the first week. We have had families sending thank you letters and even flowers to our staff to show their gratitude for helping change not only their lives, but the relationships they have with their support systems.”

Positivity in uncertain times

Derrick’s first experience with Rogers was at his previous employer, where he observed a patient stepping down from residential care to Rogers’ clinic in Tampa for OCD. He says Rogers’ quality of care struck him as being different from other treatment centers. Later, when offered the director of operations position, he says he was thrilled to accept.

“It really did feel like fate was at hand, because Rogers’ mission and values align with the core of my belief system regarding patient care,” Derrick says. “The role also allows me to utilize all my prior skills and experiences to provide organizational effectiveness, efficiency, and potential program growth opportunities to best serve our community.”

With the unprecedented circumstances surrounding the clinic opening, Derrick has made it a priority to facilitate positive experiences for Atlanta team members.

“The experiences we share in our clinic are very important to me, and we must have a common goal centered on excellence for each other and our patients,” Derrick says. “I believe this leads to happier people who can affect others in a positive way. My role is to model and lead the way for the most talented group of professionals in my career to be positive change agents.”

Ares with Amario and Amaru.jpgGetting to know Derrick

Derrick says one thing that often surprises people is that he is a fan of the Ohio State Buckeyes, despite being from Georgia. Additionally, he and his oldest son, Ares, enjoy traveling to watch Ohio State football games—a tradition he is eager to share with his younger sons, Amario and Amaru, in the future.

While he says he enjoys traveling and taking time to recharge, Derrick is most passionate about spending his free time with his family. Whether having a BBQ, seeing his children smile, or “just being present and available for each other every day,” family is of the utmost importance.

“There are experiences in life that are unique, like visiting another country, but for me it’s more special to have these shared moments in time together that can never be duplicated.”

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